Western Australian Renewable Fuels Association
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We are a group of West Australians dedicated to pursuing and promoting the use of renewable fuels for the benefit of all. We have an online prescence but what we offer is best shared face to face.
Most members run their diesel vehicles on Vegetable Oil sourced from local sources.
They make their own BioDiesel; or convert their vehicle to use the vegetable oil directly as fuel.


Location details available from secretary@warfa.asn.au

Phone details below



  • Most often held on the Second Sunday of each second month - check for the latest details below.
  • Check out our Facebook page too - Click here
  • Meetings are held to share information and knowledge - we call it chewing the fat.
  • Meetings are held at members homes and the venue is announced at the previous meeting, our Facebook page and on this site. If you need to find out where the next meeting is, contact the committee members below.
  • We hold a variety of meetings where you can learn about using renewable fuels in your diesel engined vehicle.
    • Shed Days - at members home displaying their setups. Click for pictures of a shed day
    • Bonnets Up Displays - where a group of us put our vehicles on display at venues around the Perth metro area
    • Social Events


Sunday 12th March Willeton hosted by Wilf at midday Social BBQ
Thursday 18th May Hosted by Tim at Beverley at midday Midweek country BBQ 130km from Perth. Camping over is possible.
Sunday 9th July Balcatta hosted by Dom at midday BBQ
Sunday 10th September Bedfordale hosted by Tony at midday BBQ
Sunday 12th November Darling Downs hosted by Ben @ midday Annual General meeting and BBQ

If you want to be kept across our events, email the Secretary with your address, and join up as a member to get priority spaces at events.

Our Facebook group is also an active place for notifications and exchange of ideas WARFA - WA Renewable Fuels Association Facebook group

Benefits of membership:
  • Local resources kit
  • Discounted conversion components
  • Specialised equipment hire
  • Need extra oil? Got too much? We connect members.
  • Download our leaflet

How do I do this?

What do I need?

There are many useful resources on the internet for your research. We can help you understand more when you come along to the meetings. Our meetings generally include a 'show and tell', check meeting notice for any change in venue.

A good starting point is Australian BioFuels Forum - www.biofuelsforum.com/

and for straight vege oil in particular, check out the FAQ section of this excellent forum. There is a also a list of oil supplies available to travellers from other forum members.

Local stories:

Report on Common Rail and Veggie Oil - Visit to Perth by Alexander Noack of Greasenergy

Article in Australia Post journal

Upflow Settling process - November 2009 Shed Day

Tony's Mazda

Paper submitted to the Recycling Conference

WARFA's been on TV - From the Fryer to the Freeway
26mb MPEG-4 download

Facebook page - Click here

WARFA thanks Andrew from Short Circuit Computer Services for his long term hosting of the previous WARFA website.


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